Dagny Taggart

Dagny Taggart was the proud owner of a clothing shop in Kwannom before the Baron had it shut down after years of tax evasion. Dagny herself barely escaped arrest at the same time. She made her way to Sanctuary to look for honest work but instead found a group of misfits who thought that self-sacrifice, compassion and “respecting the dead” were actually good ideas.

Dagny went with this group on their way (east?) of Sanctuary and will personally testify as to how invaluable she was in successfully reaching the cave of the owlbears. Furthermore, she will also take credit for doing the most to secure Hank the mule while blaming the rest of the party’s lack of skill for letting a roaming band of kobolds steal him.

Following the incident at the owlbear cave, Dagny again proved to be the most resourceful in finding the existence of a magical construct. Her extremely accurate historical narrative was second to only the universally accepted morality of trading in regaining freedom for herself and Melayne Seahawk.

During her final hours with the party, the group was attacked by a marauding band of kobolds. The skirmish ended with Dagny claiming her natural station in life as a queen, when she triumphantly wrested the crown from the head of the previous kobold monarch whom she killed.

Dagny Taggart

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