Atlas Wainwright

A fighter with a sordid past. Well, he's pretty sure it was sordid, he just doesn't remember.


STR: 13 DEX: 12 CON: 11 INT: 12 WIS: 15 CHR: 12

AC: 3 Total HP: 28

Weapon: Acid Longsword +???, does 1d12/1d8 damage Armor: Banded Mail

Gear: Broadsword, 5 Banded mail, 35 Whetstone, 0 Torch, 0 Penny whistle, 0 5 Baron’s Guard uniforms, ? Mysterious piece of red glass


Atlas is a fighter, not a lover.

When he’s first freed by the rest of the party in the cave, he remembers absolutely nothing about himself. He knows he’s a trained fighter – the sword strapped to his back and the heavy armor the color of blood tipped him off, and what hazy memories he has are all of hard training in a group of others like himself – but that’s about it. His personality at this point is childlike; he fancies himself a dashing hero, and likes to compose epic ballads on the penny whistle he found in his pack. Knowing only that he’s supposed to be a warrior and a hero, it makes a pathetic sort of sense. The more perceptive of his adventuring companions can see that under his blithe, Whedonesque quips lies a strong instinct, which they might call “wisdom” in a less idiotic soul.

Once he gets his memory back, that instinct informs Atlas that it’s not altogether a good thing.

Atlas is a member of the Bloodmoons, a band of warriors that was hundreds strong when Atlas fought amongst them as the son of its creator. That band dwindled to a few good men in the time Atlas was imprisoned. Atlas isn’t sure how much time passed during his confinement exactly, but since he clearly remembers being trapped by the Bieth themselves, it was hundreds if not thousands of years prior to our story. He’s lucky to find any remnant of the Bloodmoons at all, and to be able to prove himself one of them. However, once they get it in their heads to confront the Baron, “lucky” no longer describes any Bloodmoon.

Atlas Wainwright

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