House Rules


Firstly: mages and specialist wizards use the spellcasting method from this article on the Sorcerer class (hat tip to “Ode to Black Dougal”).

Character Creation

Anyway. Character generation, basic version.

1. Grab a piece of paper and writing implement. Note down “Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha” in a column somewhere. Those will be your primary abilities.
2. Roll 4d6 (drop lowest) six times, and assign as desired to your statistics. Certain classes require certain prerequisites in statistics:

Fighters require 9 Str
Paladins require 12 Str, 9 Con, 13 Wis, and 17 Cha
Rangers require 13 Str, 13 Dex, 14 Con, and 14 Wis
Mages require 9 Int
Clerics require 9 Wis
Druids require 12 Wis, 13 Cha
Thieves require 9 Dex
Bards require 12 Dex, 13 Int, and 15 Cha

3. Choose a race. This may adjust your stats; make sure that the race you’ve chosen doesn’t alter your stats out of the minimums required to enter that class!)

Humans and Half-elves: no adjustment
Dwarfs: +1 Con, -1 Cha
Elves: +1 Dex, -1 Con
Hobgoblins: +1 Str, -1 Wis

4. Choose your class or multiclass combo. Demihumans can advance in multiple classes simultaneously (multiclassing), but are barred from some classes.

Dwarves: F, C, T, F/T, F/C
Elf: F, R, M, C, T, F/M, F/T, M/T, F/M/T
Half-Elf: F, R, M, C, D, T, B, F/C, F/T, F/D, F/M, C/R, C/M, T/M, F/M/C, F/M/T
Hobgoblin: F, P, C, T, F/T, F/C

5. Choose an alignment (LG, LN, LE, CG, CN, CE, NG, TN, NE). This is not a straitjacket, but a tool to figure out how your character generally acts.

6. If your character is divinely oriented, try to figure out what sort of a deity they worship, then email me and we’ll work stuff out. That’s right, you guys make some of the deities of the setting.

7. Come up with a reason why your character is a) hanging around in Sanctuary, and b) why they would want to be going adventuring.

8. Figure out what sort of equipment your character will need, and note it down. I am willing to grant anything reasonable, but no armor beyond banded mail.

9. Email me and we’ll talk about stuff and finish chargen proper!

House Rules

- A shield can be destroyed to prevent damage, as discussed here (hat tip to Trollsmyth).

- Light crossbows will do 1d10 damage, heavy crossbows 1d12+1.

- Each gold piece of treasure you successfully bring back to “home base” (wherever that is for your PC) earns 1 XP. Yes, 1 GP = 1 XP.

- Once per gaming session, a character may drink down a flagon of wine/other desired beverage and restore 1d6 HP. Doing so in combat requires 2 rounds.

- If a fighter (not a ranger or paladin) kills an enemy, he or she may immediately make another melee attack.

House rules below taken from here:

No double dipping
Miracles are not dime-a-dozen repeatable events and therefore the same spell cannot be memorized twice. That is to say a second level cleric can memorize one cure light wounds and one resist cold, but not two cure lights or two resist colds.

How do you afford your Rock-N-Roll lifestyle?
At the beginning of each session all PCs will be assessed living expenses for themselves and their henchmen, at 1% of their XP in gold pieces, minimum 1gp.

Scrolls for All
Magic-users of any level may make scrolls of any spell they can understand. The cost is 250gp and one week of time per spell level. Up to three spells may be inscribed upon a single scroll. Starting at 9th level the magic-user can roll to understand spells of levels higher than they can cast, which allows them to make scrolls of spells they could not otherwise use.

House Rules

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